Azur Lane - Prince of Wales Swimsuit and New Ships

Azur Lane Official Facebook page announced today that 4 new swimsuits will be permanently available in Skin Store after the update on 9/13/18 (PDT). Discount will end at 11:59 PM (PDT), 9/30/18.

Will you buy swimsuit without actual ship available in game? nope. That means we can expect first event - Effort, Hope, and Planning be available in September. Even if no event we will see this ships in limited construction for sure.

★ Prinz Eugen Swimsuit ★
Unfading Smile
Azur Lane - eugen Swimsuit
“Relaxing on a float, gently licking my this really the most popular photo pose for the beach?”

★ Atago Swimsuit ★
Summer March
Azur Lane - atago Swimsuit
“Oh my, Commander...just what are you looking at~? Would you like me to bend over a bit more~?”

★ Takao Swimsuit ★
Beach Rhapsody
Azur Lane - takao Swimsuit and New Ships
“Commander, even I’ll get embarrassed if you keep staring if you keep staring at me like that…”

★ Prince of Wales Swimsuit ★
Sun Shining Upon Windsor
Azur Lane - Prince of Wales Swimsuit
“How’s my swimsuit Commander? Haha, let me teach you how to compliment a girl in this kind of situation.”
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