Final Blade - December 2017

Last Final Blade update in 2017. New female warrior - Balas, Tower of Trials, guild donation, cute costumes and events.
Final Blade - balas
Transcendence Warrior - Balas

Tower of Trials
Final Blade tower of trials
After update we can change representative hero icon (chat etc)New events
1. New Mini Game
2. Capture presents from santa in daily gold run event

Prophet of Destiny (or whatever it is) added
something about relations

Guild Donation system added, RIP poor players.
Final Blade guild donation
Because it half finished update all possible bonuses we will see next month or later. I think we can expect small pve or gvg buffs. In my current guild there only like 10 active players who participate in GvG and others just farming non stop.

2 new costumes
Final Blade - December 2017 costumes
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