Final Blade - Developer Notes... Number 3 Tournament, Costumes??@!~

Final Blade Developer Notes #3 cover December updates and look's like devs finally start to read Korean forum and listen to players advices.
Final Blade new year Costumes
Less Heroes
In upcoming updates we'll see less New Heroes (atm we get like 4-5 new heroes per month) because devs focus on art/hero model and balance. Let's hope no more weak/op heroes.

New Year Costumes coming soon. No information about price but it probably will be increased. 1k is way too cheap.
Final Blade Tournament
I'd call it a P2W Tournament.
- Rotated for 7 days every week. (Below example of weekly different pvp modes)
→ Week 1: 난투전 9 VS 9
→ Week 2: 강림전 5 VS 5 (Only Purple Star Heroes can be placed) - Not sure
→ Week 3: 사내전 5 VS 5 (Only Male hero can be placed)
→ Week 4: 여인전 5 VS 5 (Only Female hero can be arranged)

I didn't even have enough heroes... lol.
Final Blade - Developer Notes  Tournament

Information about Guild updates will be out soon.
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