Master X Master - Founder’s Packs Revealed

Master X Master Founder's Packs available for purchase now. Global / West MxM available for North America and Europe. No information about regional restrictions atm.
Master X Master - Founder’s Packs Revealed
You can purchase founder packs on official Master x Master Website.

Master X Master - Founder’s Packs
Master X Master - Founder
Master X Master Packs

Q. What if I want to play on a different region than the one I am purchasing the Founder’s Pack from?
A. MXM will be available to play in both North America and Europe, so you'll be able to enjoy your Founder’s Pack benefits on either server. Please note that characters and all in-game progression is region specific and cannot be transferred—so while you can enjoy your Founder’s Pack benefits on the NA and EU servers, you cannot move your progress from one server to another.

Q. Can I purchase more than one (1) Founder’s Pack on my account?
A. No, if you wish to purchase multiple Founder’s Packs you will need to purchase them on separate NCSOFT accounts. Any benefits applied to a single account are non-transferable.

Q. If I purchase the Recruit or Soldier Pack, will I be able to upgrade to a higher tier at a later date?
A. Yes, you’ll be able to upgrade in the Founder's Pack purchase section if you’re logged into an account that has purchased a lower tier Founder’s Pack. You'll only be asked to pay the difference between your current pack and the higher tier pack you're upgrading to.

Q. Are names reserved across North America and Europe or just in each region?
A. Name reservations will be on a per-region basis. For example: a character may have the same name on a North America server and on a European server.
Q. Do name reservations expire? Can I use it later?
A. Name reservations will be available for a short period before launch and we recommend you reserving your name during that period. When the game is live, names will be available on a first come first served basis.

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CBT will end on April 27, 2017. OBT will be released in a few months. More information about CBT and Changes in Master X Master.
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