Laplace Online - Class Advancement Available on Taiwanese Server

Laplace Online - 2.5D Anime-Style Fast-Paced Action MMO developed by X-Legend Entertainment. Class Advancement out for all currently available classes.
Laplace Online
Laplace Online available in Taiwan (IP Block + VPN), Japan (VPN, search my other guides for x-legend japan games) and Hong Kong.  Laplace Hong Kong Registration Guide

Class Advancement Requirements
1. 65 + level.
2. Complete "夜之聖女" mission.
3. Finish 3 tasks that you will automatically get.

Laplace Online warrior
Warlord - High Damage and High Health recovery speed.
Rage Monarch - Fast Attack Speed and High Attack.
Laplace Online
RIP Bunny.

Laplace Online mage
Arch Mage - High Damage.
Spectral Priest -  Increase number of summons.
Laplace Online mage skills

Laplace Online priest
Holy Inquisitor - Stronger Skills.
Saint Oracle - Stronger Heal.
Laplace Online priest skill

Laplace Online scout
Shadow Assassin - Reduced cooldown + new strong skills.

Sky Hunter - Stronger Skills.
Laplace Online scout skills

Demon Hunter
Laplace Online demon hunter
Onimusha - High Damage.

Spirit Agent - Reduced cooldown + new strong skills.
Laplace Online demon hunter skills

Cherry Blossom Event
Laplace Online cherry blossom
Complete tasks and get rewards.

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