Kritika Online - North America / Europe Version Coming Soon

Kritika Online - Famous PC (Yes, PC) Action RPG finally coming to North America and Europe!
Kritika Online - North America / Europe Version
Kritika Online will be published by En Masse Entertainment (Tera) later this year.

4 classes available -

1. Warrior [The Violent Brawler] who advances to Burst Breaker, Demon Blade or Raging Berserker.
2. Rogue [The Nimble Gymnast] who advances to Cat Acrobat, Crimson Assassin or Mystic Wolf Guardian.
3. Mage [ The Gun-toting Caster ] who advances to Shadow Mage, Dimension Controller or Freezing Blaster.
4. Scyther [ The Angel of Death ] who advances to Valkyrie or Blood Fairy.

English Trailer
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