Grand Fantasia Mobile - Open Beta Date Announced

X-Legend Entertainment announced today new mobile game - Grand Fantasia Mobile (精靈樂章 - 手遊版). More information and CBT / OBT Date inside!
Grand Fantasia Mobile (精靈樂章 - 手遊版)
PC Grand Fantasia version was released in 2008 and immediately become one of the most popular Anime style MMORPG. Grand Fantasia still alive even after 8 years and even receiving a new content updates. Old Grand Fantasia players can remember active GvG and drama after each war. Too bad in recent X-Legend Entertainment games developers removed GvG.
Grand Fantasia Mobile - Open Beta Date
In mobile game Sprites will be active helpers in battles (Similar to pets in Kitsu Saga and Eden Eternal?). Probably Sprites give us buffs or heals.
Grand Fantasia Mobile
Grand Fantasia Mobile Taiwanese Server CBT / OBT Date - First Quarter of 2017 (January 1st - March 31th). I think CBT start in February and OBT in March.
精靈樂章 - 手遊版
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