Destiny 6 - Korean Server CBT Coming Soon

Destiny 6 (데스티니6) - Upcoming Mobile RPG developed by Netmarble. Like all recent Netmarble mobile RPG`s Destiny 6 will be a bit similar to the Seven Knights (one of the most successful Netmarble mobile games).
Destiny 6 데스티니6
CBT pre-registration up on the official website but to register you need to have access to the real Korean mobile phone number and receive SMS.
Except Destiny 6, Netmarble also develop another Seven Knights like game - Knights Chronicle. No news about CBT results but I hope we will see both games soon.
Destiny 6 will be available for Android and iOS.


Character Models and Skills Animation

Destiny 6 characters

Destiny 6 mage

Destiny 6 female character
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