Cloud Pirates - Russian Server Open Beta Date Announced

Cloud Pirates - Fast-paced Action MMO developed by famous Allods Team.
Cloud Pirates russian server
Russian Server OBT - 17th December. Registration and download guide.
Global Server OBT - Late December - Early 2017.


1. 48+ ships
2. 12 ship classes
 1. Torpedo clippers: Swift ships packing a hell of a punch.
 2. Support clippers: Small, agile support ships that provide heals and buffs.
 3.Engineering frigates: A not so small and not so fragile support ship, able to deploy defensive and offensive  drones.
 4. Sniper galleons: Dishing out damage from afar, with powerful escape abilities just in-case.
 5. Reinforced galleons: Sporting an array of buffs and debuffs, it’s at home in the heart of the battle.
 6. Defensive galleons: Capable of trading punches all the while buffing their allies, these ships are the backbone of any fleet.
 7. Support corvettes: Ships fully dedicated to boosting and healing allies.
 8. Stealth corvettes: For every captain adept at sneaking behind enemy lines and destroying defenceless ships.
 9. Minelayer corvettes: Torpedo corvettes fitted with point blank area of effect abilities.
 10. Assault cruisers: Dishing out damage up close and personal, with a strong hull & shield.
 11. Interceptor cruisers: Vampire ships weakening its target to buff itself.
 12. Battleships: The paramount of ship customization, battleships can be fitted with various type of weapons and abilities, allowing you to get creative and surprise your opponents.
3. Fast games (sessions, battles), each game last up to 15 minutes.
4. Few game modes + Guild/Clan wars coming soon.

Cloud Pirates wallpaper
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