MapleStory M - Korean Version OBT

MapleStory M (메이플스토리M) - New Nexon Korea Side-Scrolling Action RPG. MapleStory M gameplay and graphic similar to PC version and if you liked it, it's worth to play.
MapleStory M
You can download MapleStory M on qooapp. If you like MapleStory but hate asian servers there's previous mobile game version - Pocket MapleStory.

1. 5 classes - Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Night Lord, Bishop, and Captain.
2. PVP.
3. Guild System.
4. Party system.
5. Dungeons.
6. Upgrading system.

MapleStory M (메이플스토리M)
 4 Servers but only one popular.
MapleStory M field
MapleStory M quest
MapleStory M city
MapleStory M characters
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