IMC Games (representative Kim Hak-kyu) and Nexon (representative Park Ji-won) signed contract to develop Tree of Savior Mobile version.
Tree of Savior Mobile - Korean Answer to the Chinese Rip-Off
Since Tree of Savior PC version died way too quickly
Steam Version (12th September)
Tree of Savior online steam version
and Chinese ToS mobile rip-off (The Tale of Lost City Online) become successful Nexon and IMC Games decide to develop mobile version. Right now we don't have information about mobile version but ToS team claimed that we will see - beautiful graphic, 'huge' content and intuitive UI designed for iOS and Android mobile devices.
Tree of Savior Mobile will be out in all countries except China. Why? possible because copyright issues, ChangYou got rights for PC version but for some reason still not published PC version.

The Tale of Lost City Online Gameplay -

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