Knights Chronicle - Pre-Register Now for Japanese Version CBT

Knights Chronicle - New Netmarble turn-based mobile game with beautiful 3D Anime-Style graphic. Japanese version CBT starts next month and will be available only for Android. iOS users need to wait until OBT start or next CBT.
Knights Chronicle Japanese version
CBT Pre-Registration available from 20th September to 2nd October and only 5000 people will be elected to participate in it. CBT start from 3rd October and will be over on 16th October.

Knights Chronicle Pre-Registration for Japanese CBT
1. Enter -
Knights Chronicle - Pre-Register
Write your email, select option above email field and press on red button.
Knights Chronicle - Pre-Register Japan

There's not much information about Knights Chronicle but few screenshots already out.
Knights Chronicle - japan menu
Game menu. Energy, gold, $$$ and some hearts.
Knights Chronicle skills
Skill animation.
Knights Chronicle graphic

Devs also told us that Knights Chronicle have real-time multiplayer and we can play with friends.

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