Goddess Kiss - Strategy RPG with Cute Girls and Mecha

Goddess Kiss (여신의키스) - Korean Strategy (at least developers claim that it strategy) RPG developed by Flero Games and will be officially launched on September 20th.
goddess kiss 여신의키스 android
Edit: I find English version but idk if they are different versions or no. Short Review for English version- beautiful art, 0 content (arena x5 per day, boring PVE) and heavy P2W. 

Story - Girls goes on a journey to save the world.
1. Beautiful and unique animation for each girl
여신의키스 review
2. Famous voice actors
3. Can upgrade a unit
and many more (maybe)
Goddess Kiss pve
Goddess Kiss elf mecha
Goddess Kiss specialGoddess Kiss characters
Goddess Kiss mecha
Early Goddess Kiss version screenshots actually been more interesting but idk if we will see this features in the game.
Goddess Kiss preview
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