Code: HARDCORE - Mecha-Themed 2D platform shooting game, which will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Code: HARDCORE - 2D Mecha Platformer on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter
Release date: 2017 Q3-Q4 - RIP. Tho playable demo available now but it cost 25$.
Code: HARDCORE - demo

Code: HARDCORE Features
Code: HARDCORE - animation
1. Smooth control with full controller support.
2. 4-player local multiplayer.
3. 15 or more mechas.
4. Huge amount of weapons.
5. Huge amount of items and equipments. Such as Energy field generator and Active Camouflage.
6. Polished melee combat animations and ultimate skill close-ups.
7. Ejectable pilots and unique pilot perks.
8. Powerful battlefield supporting system.
9. Extra single player content, including arcade mode, survival mode and story mode.

Steam Greenlight
Kickstarter (Story and other information inside)
Code: HARDCORE art
Very promising game but we will see it only in 1 year.
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