Tree of Savior Free Team Name Change

IMCGames offer 1-time free team name change (reset) to everyone in Tree of Savior. Offer available until 04/05/2016.
Tree of Savior Free Team Name Change
Team Name - when you enter game for the first time, game will ask you to input team name. Team Name in Tree of Savior actually means your nickname for all characters and unique. After you create team name and decide to make character you still need to choose name for character but its just name and can be not unique. Example: Yuusha Exa, Exa - team name while Yuusha character name. If i write something in chat everyone will see only Exa.

Team Name Change Cost 150 TP but until 04/05/2016 you can change for free.
When to make a request: 03/31/2016 ~ 04/05/2016 at 01:59 EDT (Tues)
Instructions:(1) Follow the link to our custom support page.
(2) Log into your Facebook or Google account.
(3) Verify your Steam account by clicking on the top right corner.
(4) Submit your ticket. Use the drop-down menu to select [Team Name Reset], then the server where you wish to have your team name reset.
(5) After our maintenance on Tuesday, you'll find that your team name has been reset once you connect to your server.
Again, please take precautions when you type in your team name as this reset will be offered only once. After that, you'll have to use 150 TP if you wish to change your team name.

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