Laplace Mage

Magic can do anything and since Mage specialize in various elements he can not only cast fire, ice and lighting magic but even create piece of cake with magic.
Laplace Mage class
Recommended stat points - Intelligence and Constitution.
Recommended attributes - Penetrate, HP and Crit.
Recommended weapons - Staff, Bow, and Halberd
Recommended equipment - Clothes and Leather.

Arcane Master VS Shadow Wizard
Master prefer to use destructive magic like Black Hole and ring of flames while Shadow Wizard depend on dark magic spells like undead minions and dark creatures from the depth of hell.
Laplace Mage class gameplay
Laplace MageMage skills -
Icon Name Lvl Cooldown Description
Laplace shield
電能感應 4 20 seconds Shield that protect you from enemy attacks and every 2 seconds deal damage to all enemies around you.
Laplace MagicianMagician skills-
Icon Name Lvl Cooldown Description
Laplace Magician  teleport
相位跳躍 12 25 seconds Teleport to a specified location around you.
Laplace Magician skill
霜晶界域 12 12 seconds Reduce movement chance, chance to freeze enemy, reduce natural resistance and deal damage.
Laplace Magician tornado
旋龍捲 20 20 seconds Summon a tornado that continuously inflicting nature damage.
Laplace Magician sp recovery
暗法刻印 30 60 seconds Rapidly restore your own SP.
Laplace arcane masterArcane Master skills -
Icon Name Lvl Cooldown Description
Laplace arcane master
精神攝取 40 18 seconds Reduce enemy magic resistance.
Laplace arcane master volcano
灼熱爆發 40 20 seconds Create miniature volcano and burn enemies, have a chance to stun enemy.
Laplace arcane master rings of flame
烈焰之環 45 30 seconds Summon rings of flame and burn enemy.
Laplace arcane master blakc hole
黑洞力場 50 45 seconds Create a black hole and suck up all enemies to the place where this hole located.
Laplace arcane master blizzard
秘晶霜天 55 120 seconds Blizzard causing absolute zero effect not only freezing enemies but also reduce magic resistance.
Laplace shadow wizardShadow Wizard skills -
Icon Name Lvl Cooldown Description
Laplace shadow wizard skeletons
亡靈僕從 40 10 seconds Summon a skeleton mage, their attacks have a chance to reduce enemy speed.
Laplace shadow wizard
異能釋放 40 20 seconds 釋放出體內的異界能量,和召喚出的生命體相互共鳴獲得更強大的力量。
#對範圍內的召喚物造成 HP 上限一定值 的傷害,並提高自己及該召喚物攻擊時所造成的傷害,每1隻召喚物皆可作用1次,效果可堆疊. Something about restoring hp and summoning. Will wait for videos.
Laplace shadow wizard bats
血之僕從 45 10 seconds Summon up to 2 vampires bats, can restore your HP by attacking enemies. (can be wrong)
Laplace shadow wizard demon
炎之祭典 50 60 seconds Friendly demon appear each time you kill an enemy. Stack up to 3 times.
Laplace shadow wizard death knight
惡獄影痕 55 180 seconds Summon Death Knight from hell, can reduce enemy resistance.
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