Nexon Star - Universal Currency for Nexon Korea

Nexon Korea planning to introduce Universal Currency that called Nexon Star in Q1. This new currency allow us to trade 'gold' between different games.
Nexon Star - 넥슨별. I find that Nexon have social game with same name.

What we know -
1. Limited only to Korean servers (Universal Currency still not implement so we need wait few months until it get live)
2. Only PC (40~ games) for now. They want to implement similar system to Mobile Games but because Android and Apple regulations we probably never see it.

How this work -
You decide to exchange 'gold' in FIFA Online 3 (just example) for nexon star and then you exchange nexon star for 'gold ' in Maple Story or any other game.

Nexon users often enjoy few games at the same time and this gold trade system can Improve User Experience/Increase Utilization Rate. Also players who wait for a new game to enter Open Beta Test will play in the other games to get nexon stars and exchange them for gold when new game launched.

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