Nexon Korea planning to introduce Universal Currency that called Nexon Star in Q1. This new currency allow us to trade 'gold' between different games.
Nexon Star - 넥슨별. I find that Nexon have social game with same name.

What we know -
1. Limited only to Korean servers (Universal Currency still not implement so we need wait few months until it get live)
2. Only PC (40~ games) for now. They want to implement similar system to Mobile Games but because Android and Apple regulations we probably never see it.

How this work -
You decide to exchange 'gold' in FIFA Online 3 (just example) for nexon star and then you exchange nexon star for 'gold ' in Maple Story or any other game.

Nexon users often enjoy few games at the same time and this gold trade system can Improve User Experience/Increase Utilization Rate. Also players who wait for a new game to enter Open Beta Test will play in the other games to get nexon stars and exchange them for gold when new game launched.


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