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Tree of Savior Private Server

Tree of Savior Private Servers coming next year. Thanks to reddit I find at least 2 groups that work on Tree of Savior Emulator.
Tree of Savior Private Server Emulator
What is ToS emulator? basically this emulator allow us to launch our own ToS server.
Example - Ragnarok Online most popular emulator https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EAthena

Which Tree of Savior emulators exist?

R1EMU emulator have login and map server.

Videos -  www.r1emu.net/index.php?threads/r1emu-video-sharing-thread.3/
Github page https://github.com/r1emu

Melia emulator already have monsters. Too bad they don't have forum.
If emulators developers fix game netcode and other bugs they can become real rival to official server.

I hope IMC Games ready for them and can offer something to players to make official servers more popular.
By the way, Aura Kingdom have both private server and official server and they doing fine.

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