Astral Realm - Hong Kong Client and Patches

Astral Realm (星界神話) -  High Quality Anime-Style MMORPG. Here you can download client and latest patches.
Astral Realm (星界神話) Hong Kong
I'm going to upload new patches for a few months or until NA/Global version announced. If you see new patch on official download page and I still not uploaded him write in chat or in comments.

1. Client Chose Torrent.
Alternatively, you can download client here - Mega.
(patched at 24-08-2015, need patch only if new patch out)

2. Patches -
To sort them from new to old click on ^
astral realm hong kong patch
When installing patches you must follow that. Don`t forget to chose your astral realm game folder C:\Alta\AROnline
Astral Realm (星界神話) Hong Kong Download
Astral Realm  Hong Kong Download
After that you need to wait for window to disappear. If client still patching it means it checking files/downloaded some files that not in patch or downloading bin.

Can`t enter/update?  Look Here -
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