Little Noah (リトルノア) - Tactical RPG on mobile phones. Similar to famous Clash of Clans. You can read more about Little Noah in my previous article.
Little Noah (リトルノア)
In this guide, you learn how to launch this game on Bluestacks. Original guide authors - HY Chow, Jake Névenoé Ingram and Pan Da and changed by me.

1. Download Bluestacks and root him.
2. Install QooApp and download Little Noah (リトルノア)
3. Run game and let it patch until 100% (Patch process going stuck on 100%)
4. Download (pc) and
5. Put both files in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder and extract them.
6. Open Root Explorer app and go to mnt/sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder
How to play in Little Noah
7. Copy files from
Put them in sdcard/android/data/ and overwrite it.
How to play in Little Noah (リトルノア) on Bluestacks
How to play in Little Noah (リトルノア) on Bluestacks
8. Copy files from (pc)
Put them in  data/data/ and overwrite it.
9. Launch game.

If you close Bluestacks you have to repeat steps 6-9.

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