Closers Online FAQ

Closers Online - New Anime Action MORPG developed by NADDIC GAMES and published by Nexon KR. 
Closers Online FAQ
Q. How can I register Korean Account?
A. Only real life Koreans can make accounts since it require mobile number and private information.  You can still buy accounts from RL Koreans. (Check my Facebook for more info)

Q. How to delete character?
A. On character selection menu chose delete and enter - 클로저 해고

Q. Where can I find game guides?
A. On English Fan forum - ClosersHQ

Q. Any plans for English/SEA servers?
A. USA and Japanese servers going be launched later this year. (or next year @-@)

Q. I'm allowed to write on English/My Language in game chats?
A. No. You going be banned for that.

Q. How P2W is this game?
A. Right now Closers Online not P2W game.

Q. Is there any Guild/Clan system?
A. No. Probably going be added in future.

Q. What Character Strongest?
A. They all very powerful.
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