With new registration change you can't use this guide. To make account right now you need send e-mail to admins, for more info look in this thread.
When you enter login/password in game be sure to do it in lowercase otherwise it not going work. 
After login for first time you need to input your secondary password. Put 111111 111111.
Aura Kingdom - registration guide HK server
Registration - http://ff.alta.hk/register/quickreg.htm

Aura Kingdom - registration guide HK server
After you make account you must login at site

Aura Kingdom - registration guide HK server
Then you press on AK icon you going get that msg  -
Aura Kingdom - registration guide HK server
You must press big button and you see that -

Aura Kingdom - registration guide HK server
"Receive account activation code
When you activate the players’ fantasy domain of God “game account, you must type” activation code “in order to pass, the current activation code can receive through the following places:
1. “AGames-official forum”
Receiving conditions: Forum Member (must first sign up and login)
Each person changing: every three days, a group of
Receive link: http://forum.agames.hk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=108082
Note: Please use a computer version into the collection, attention to mobile version may not display properly.
2. “Facebook-official fan page.”
Receive conditions: (1) there is thirty friends or more, (2) has been like a good ALTA Facebook Fan Page
The limit for each person: Caps 3 groups
Receive link: https://apps.facebook.com/faactivate
Note: Each code can only be activated to start a game account, please pay attention. “
After you get that key enter him. http://prntscr.com/3a9euu

I used facebook and it worked. They give me 3 key but only last one work. If key worked you get that msg 啟動碼正確!

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