Armored Warfare is a new tank game, on E3 developers show to us new mission. First co-op PVE mission that they show us have 4 players limit, players must reach enemy base. Base guarded by enemy tanks and artillery, around 15 enemys. There also small side mission — destroy 3 fuel tanks and get little more exp and money. Developers tell us that in future version there going be more complexes missions when to win you must do few side missions, example- conquer enemy defense line and after that defend from enemy attack.
Armored Warfare - E3 2014
The best function in Armored Warfare is modern tanks. Tanks like Leopard and Challenger is very different from WW2 tanks, gameplay going be alot more faster then in any other mmo games about tanks.
Armored Warfare - E3 2014
In Armored Warfare we can see different military equipment: main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, jeeps, scouts and  self-propelled artillery. In mission that they show us at Е3, we can chose Leopard and Challenger, armored personnel carriers with heavy weapon «Striker», light air-transportable armored fighting vehicle Wiesel, and self-propelled howitzer «Paladin». In finalk game version we can see alot more modern military equipment, including all the major combat vehicles development by USSR/Russia. Game going have player levels and we can install new gears on tanks. (probably like in WOT and WT)

Players can effectively use tactic. Scout reveals enemy positions, artillery is responsible for destroying the most dangerous opponents. But it is necessary to take into account some of the features of modern technology. For example, provided in the game howitzer modification “Striker” is equipped with a powerful gun that allows you to do damage to powerful tanks, but Striker have super weak armor. Speed and maneuverability of modern tanks gives them the opportunity to act as a scout, helping to artillery.

Armored Warfare - E3 2014
The game looks amazing. Cry Engine look super good, the picture is very beautiful and detailed, well designed special effects and models. PvE missions in Armored Warfare look like missions from best single games. There always something happen on map -  trains passing on railways, helicopters flying around, artillery heard from afar. It not affect gameplay but it creates the feeling that you are in a real battle.

Modern tanks are very different from the Second World machines - they are armed with long-range missiles, computerized sighting systems, dynamic armor with active protection, shoot down missiles on the approach and other high-tech stuff. Developers of course aware of this and must solve a difficult problem - how to make the game interesting and at the same time realistic enough. Mission from E3 shows that they are quite capable of dealing with this problem.

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