Tree of Savior Mobile - Korean Answer to the Chinese Rip-Off

IMC Games (representative Kim Hak-kyu) and Nexon (representative Park Ji-won) signed contract to develop Tree of Savior Mobile version.
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Tree of Savior - First iTOS Event 「Scavenge Challenge」 Coming Soon

First event for International Tree of Savior server finally announced. Too bad there not much difference
between this event and ordinary events in other games.
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The Dark Side of Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior Global (Steam) version been released last month and already full of Bots, Gold Sellers, Hackers and Dupers (not confirmed). Let's check how all this work.
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Tree of Savior Guild Battle

Tree of Savior new feature - Guild Battle (Guild vs Guild / Guild War). IMCGames heard players and decide to remake current boring Guild Vs Guild into new one.
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Tree of Savior Rental Shop, Hair Dye and New Visual Effects

Tree of Savior KR server just got a new 'gold' sink feature. Now you can buy special 7 day costumes from NPC for silver.
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Tree of Savior European Server Will Be Opened Today

Tree of Savior Founder's server OBT started today. Even though cheapest pack cost 10$ (because steam regional price pack cost lower for certain regions) 2 NA servers not enough to handle all this people and IMC Games decide to open Temporary EU Server.
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