Laplace - Hong Kong Download Guide

Laplace Hong Kong Server Client and Patches. Laplace 2.5D MMO developed by X-Legend Entertainment and Hong Kong version published by Alta Games.
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Laplace Hong Kong Registration Guide

Laplace Registration Guide (Laplace Son of God, 拉普拉斯的神子) - Hong Kong version published by Alta Games. Hong Kong server OBT will be out on March 23th. Last update - (3/22/2016)
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Astral Realm - Registration Guide for Hong Kong Server

Astral Realm (星界神話) - New Anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment.
Right now you can play on Taiwan and Hong Kong servers with Japan server coming soon.
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Aura Kingdom - registration guide HK server

With new registration change you can't use this guide. To make account right now you need send e-mail to admins, for more info look in this thread.
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