Astral Realm - Hong Kong Client and Patches

Astral Realm (星界神話) -  High Quality Anime-Style MMORPG. Here you can download client and latest patches.
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Astral Realm - Registration Guide for Hong Kong Server

Astral Realm (星界神話) - New Anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment.
Right now you can play on Taiwan and Hong Kong servers with Japan server coming soon.
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Inspirit Online - Anime Action RPG

Inspirit Online (Also known as ELOA) -  Anime Action RPG developed by ESTA Games and English server published by GRE Ltd. Korean server launched in January.
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Astral Realm Wiki

Welcome to Astral Realm (星界神話) Wiki, database update speed will depend on how much this game popular.
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Astral Realm registration guide TW

Astral Realm - latest MMORPG developed by X-Legend (Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom and few more games). In this guide you learn how to play in Astral Realm 【星界神話】on Taiwan server.
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Astral Realm (星界神話) - New X-Legend Game

X-Legend just announced new PC game - Astral Realm (星界神話). TW CCB going start on May 7 and require key.
TW OBT probably - June or Jule. After TW server we can expect HK and JP server.
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Cosmic Break 2 - Japanese CBT Date Announced

CyberStep finally announced Cosmic Break 2 (Japanese - コズミックブレイク2) Closed Beta Test schedule.
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Tree of Savior - English Server Test Coming Soon!

Tree of Savior developers finally told us new information about International Server.
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Dream Of Mirror Online - Closed Beta Test going start on 13th February

Subagames finally announced Dream Of Mirror Online CBT date.
All details including where you can get CBT keys going be posted later.
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