Blue Protocol - Best Anime style MMORPG in 2020?

Blue Protocol - Best Anime style MMORPG in 2020?
Blue Protocol - Japanese Anime MMORPG developed by Bandai Namco. Game engine - Unreal Engine 4 provide beautiful cel-shading graphic.

My opinion after CBT - Bandai definitely need to reduce SFX or remade them, change user interface, and fix movement animation.

Only Japan server for now and it in CBT phase. Foreigners not allowed at all, even if you managed to get key with VPN, there still a chance to get banned. No information about OBT or Global server.
Blue Protocol - Anime fight
Blue Protocol focuses on PVE and story, so for now we don't have any PVP content. I bet we will see guild battles and arenas in the future. Without them it would be a huge failure.
Four classes available for now - Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, Spellcaster.
Raid bosses (up to 30 players, 20 in CBT).
PVE Arena (player against monsters)

atm game has only 1 main server with several channels in-game zones. Channels selected automatically with priority for party members. Not sure if we can manually change them.


Skill board
Blue Protocol skill board translation

[Normal Attack & Regular Skill]
A basic attack method that can be used from the initial level, spending skill points to improve the skill level.
Skills are determined by class and cannot be changed.

[Tactical Skills]
Tactical skills are divided into groups of 1 to 4, and two types of skills are prepared in the same group.
Skills in the same group cannot be used at the same time.
If you increase your tactical skill to Lv3, you will be able to acquire a skill that has an additional effect on that skill.
Additional effects are effective when set to abilities.
[ULT Skill]
Although it takes a long time to reuse after it is used once, it is a skill that can be a trump card with a special effect. Skills are determined by class and cannot be changed, and you cannot upgrade.

[Tactical Ability]
A skill that mainly affects the character's actions, such as increasing the maximum ST value and the distance for avoidance actions. It is effective when set to the ability.

A skill that mainly affects the character's stats, such as increasing attack power and maximum HP. Permanents have a lasting effect on learning.
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