IMC Games announced Tree of Savior Second International CBT. Registration for 2nd Beta Test available until 19th October.
Tree of Savior 2nd iCBT
Tree of Savior CBT Schedule and Information -
1. You can register for upcoming iCBT until 19 October.
2. CBT Start on 27 October and end on 25 November.
3. If You're From Korea, Japan, China or other countries (SEA? Countries with announced local publishers) you will be excluded from the test.
Use VPN to register.
4. There is no limit on the number of testers so anyone who registers through [Register for 2nd Beta Test] Button on TOS homepage will be selected as Beta Testers.
5. All Beta Keys will be distributed to your email addresses between 21 - 23 October.

All data from 1st Beta Test will be reset.
All the Rates in the game including EXP/Drop Rates and etc will be based on Korean 3rd CBT.

To register for 2nd Beta Test follow this -
1. Enter
2. Press on Login.
Tree of Savior 2nd iCBT login
3. Chose Facebook or Google.
4. Now press on Register for 2nd Beta Test.
Tree of Savior 2nd iCBT register
If everything alright you see some message on the screen.

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