Master of Eternity (MOE) - Pixie's Room Right Answer Guide
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Episode 1: All right, I'll let Leahs take care of her

Episode 2: Incinerate it with a flamethrower

Episode 3: I need sustenance! It's the thought that counts.

Episode 4: I'll die fighting! Let her decide


Episode 1: Assign her to support role.

Episode 2: Tell her to rest up.

Episode 3: Leave this place. Have it out with Admiral Freyja.

Episode 4: Tell her I want to talk. Maybe I should pat her head.


Episode 1: Yes.

Episode 2: Help Kanel.

Episode 3: Maybe we've got it all wrong? Labi! Rivalry has transformed into love!

Episode 4: Say James is awesome. I'd better get this situation under control first!


Episode 1: Stop doing experiments in the morning, at the very least!

Episode 2: Change the subject.

Episode 3: Snap out of it! I need to find the research materials. Remind her how dangerous the experiment is.

Episode 4: Let's ask. I also want a cup!


Episode 1: Kick her out.

Episode 2: Keep patrolling.

Episode 3: I'd better check the crew quarters first. Tell her I'll be with her.

Episode 4: Approve the bravery test. Go find Emily.


Episode 1: Suggest a different type of exercise.

Episode 2: Call me darling.

Episode 3: What do you want? This is a match between men!

Episode 4: Do it. I wanted you to keep calling me that...


Episode 1: This is no time to be prideful. I should be.

Episode 2: Tell her honestly.

Episode 3: Wait patiently. Don't nag.

Episode 4: Keep your students engaged. We can rely on each other.


Episode 1: You’re more reliable than anyone else I know.

Episode 2: Help her.

Episode 3: I should save Inue First. I can tell her anything I want.

Episode 4: A panda plushy and a bunch of flowers. Kind, comforting words.


Episode 1: Placate Rachel.

Episode 2: No, She looks okay.

Episode 3: I need to organize my thoughts. Be honest.

Episode 4: We only have jokes to rely on! It's my fault.


Episode 1: Take the shot.

Episode 2: Open the door and enter.

Episode 3: I'm worried about the wounded. Take Shifts with Madi.


Episode 1: She meant no harm, I'll just watch her.

Episode 2: I'll keep her grounded, so she'll learn her lesson.

Episode 3: No one else is supposed to enter my quarters, but... Don't you have anything else to say to me?

Episode 4: Do you want big, difficult cases? You're lying aren't you?


Episode 1: It's too late to run! Think!

Episode 2: Ask Florence.

Episode 3: Tell her to trust me. I should go for now.

Episode 4: Maybe there's something in her room. Tell her she looked cute.


Episode 1: Ophelia. By taking many tests.

Episode 2: I want to see her face without glasses!

Episode 3: Old Crux technical Book. I'll let the owner of the room handle it.

Episode 4: I want to try them on. Maybe I should beat around the bush - Beauty is only skin deep!

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